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About Us


JD Rail Solutions Pty Ltd is committed to delivering the best possible service to our clients and partners by providing new and innovative technology to the Global Rail Sector.  JD Rail Solutions Pty Ltd is dedicated to understanding our client’s requirements, and to providing solutions that ensure any required scope is completed in a safe, productive, cost and time efficient manner.


To Raise Global Industry Benchmarks in the Construction and Maintenance of Heavy Haul and Passenger Rail Track Networks, through Excellence in the Design and Manufacturing of High-Performance, Multi-Purpose Track Machinery and high-quality Track Components; and through the Provision of Operational, Management, and Knowledge Services to the Global Rail Sector.


JD Rail Solutions Pty Ltd (ACN 139 472 183) is a registered Australian company. Our principal offices are located at 47 Austin Avenue Kenwick, Western Australia.

JD Rail Solutions Pty Ltd is focused on providing a quality service utilizing a Best Practice approach to sustain mutually valuable long-term relationships.

As a new player in a well-established industry, we recognize the need to earn and maintain a solid reputation.

JD Rail Solutions Pty Ltd plan to accomplish the goals in our Mission Statement by offering a combination of key elements in our product and service offering:

  • Commitment to Service Excellence through a combination of Practical Experience and Proven Ability.


  • Dedication to Safety, High Production, and Efficiency with minimal delays to Traffic.


  • A Proactive and Conscientious approach to the Scope of Service through ethical practices and ‘big picture’ thinking.


  • Proven Experience with leading edge and ‘best breed’ rail networks within Australia.


  • Proven experience and significant exposure to the resource sector.


  • Proven Heavy Haul Rail Maintenance and Rail Track Construction Experience.


  • Proven Heavy Engineering and Industrial Maintenance Experience.


  • Locally based operations and management personnel who have a high familiarity level with the nature of the Scope of Service, the machinery, the environment, and the people.


Our people are regarded as the key strength and backbone of the company. Our management team is comprised of key industry people that possess 90 years of collective experience in Rail Track Construction and Maintenance, 50 years experience in industrial machinery and heavy steel design, manufacturing, and fabrication. Our Management team also has over 35 years collective experience in Technology, HR, and Administration. The company will select individuals that are the best in their field of discipline, and are dedicated to working as a team. The company will meet the needs of our employees to ensure they are happy in their work environment. JD Rail Solutions Pty Ltd will operate under the guidelines of our Human Resources Manual.