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SmartTrack™: Mining

JD Rail Solutions’ innovative SmartTrack™ system is ideal for use in the Mining industry, whether they be for short or long-distance tracks. SmartTrack™ for Mining has the following key benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation – build a new track in 1/3 the time with just 3-12 forklift drivers and one track supervisor
  • Reduces track maintenance by 90% over 50 years
  • Reduces bridge maintenance, is lighter than ballast methods
  • Totally re-usable, ideal for short-term mines – simply pick it up and take it to the next location
  • Compatible with all kinds of sleepers – wood, steel, or concrete

In conjunction with our popular Advan-Bridge® Modular Level Crossing: Heavy Industrial product, JD Rail Solutions has you covered for both rail and rail crossings on minesites.

For more information on SmartTrack™ for Mining please contact JD Rail Solutions on +618 9467 4000.