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Advan-Bridge Modular Fast Fit Road/Rail Crossing

JD Rail Solutions’ Advan-Bridge Modular Fast Fit Road/Rail Crossing is designed by experienced Rail professionals to be the most effective soultion for:

  • quick installation
  • easy removal
  • easy maintanence

How Quick?

2 men + 2 tonne Crane + 13 minutes equals a 3 Linear metre Crossing Installed!

Unique Lock Down System

The JD Rail Solutions Lock Down System was designed to ensure all panels would stay securely in place when vehicles passed over. To show that the Lock down system was as effective as designed, we at JD Rail Machines fitted our Crossing to 6 x 400kg Sleepers and 68kg Rail and lifted our Crossing on it’s normal lift points with a crane. Our Lock down system worked so effective, that it lift the rail and sleepers without letting go. When lifted the total weight measured was 7.5 tonne.